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Pain and Arthritis Management

Pain management has become an important issue in veterinary medicine. Acute pain may occur suddenly as a result of an injury, surgery, inflammation or infection. It can be extremely uncomfortable for your pet and it may limit their mobility. The good news is that in most cases acute pain is only temporary. It generally goes away when the condition that causes it is treated.

On the other hand, chronic pain is a long lasting issue that usually develops slowly. Some of the more common sources of chronic pain are age-related disorders such as arthritis. Chronic pain may also present be caused by illnesses such as bone disease and cancer.

We have a variety of medications and treatments available to manage your pet’s pain. If you believe your pet is suffering from chronic or acute pain, please set up an appointment  with one of our doctors to discuss the options available to make your pet more comfortable. Keeping your pet pain free is a top priority for our veterinarians and staff, and we would be pleased to discuss those options with you.