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Nutrition and Weight Management

Obesity is a serious disease and can lead to many other health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, to name just a few. Obesity can also decrease your pet’s life span. Obesity contributes to the pain associated with arthritis and degenerative joint disease and therefore, weight loss becomes an essential part of making your pet feel more comfortable. Most owners will attest that their formerly overweight pets are now more active and agile as they may have been years earlier.

Pet Haven Animal Hospital is committed in helping pet owners develop a plan to prevent and control obesity. We can help you choose an appropriate weight management prescription diet that is available only through veterinarians. Prescription diets are tested for their effectiveness and safety and at the same time assuring that all of your pet’s nutritional requirements are being met. Each prescribed diet is tailored to your pet’s specific needs. These diets can be geared towards weight loss, diabetes management, management of food allergies, liver and kidney health and urinary health. These diets must be prescribed by your veterinarian and are not available at pet stores.

We carry specialized diets from the following companies:

  • Hills Prescription DietsRoyal Canin Veterinary Diets
  • IAMS Veterinary Diets
  • Purina Veterinary Diets

Your pets cannot do it alone. Support them in their weight loss goals, and keep them living a longer and healthier life with you.

To insure that your pet’s prescription diet is available and in-stock, please call ahead.