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Digital X-ray

Pet Haven upgraded to digital radiography (digital x-ray). Digital x-ray technology has
many benefits for you and your pet. Digital x-rays produce high-quality, accurate
images that result in faster, more accurate and less-stressful diagnosis of your pet’s
condition. These images also can be emailed or saved to a disc, allowing for fast
consultations with veterinary specialists, when necessary.

General Imaging

X-ray imaging is amongst the most useful tests when it comes to diagnosing your
pet. X-rays are used to identify the location and severity of fractures, detect signs of
heart disease, and identify foreign bodies in your pet’s stomach and much more.

Dental Imaging

Digital dental X-rays allow your veterinarian to assess dental disease) such as tooth
root abscesses and bone resorption) below the gum line. This permits for a more
comprehensive approach to both diagnosis and treatment.