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Declawing is a surgical solution to permanently eliminate the possibility of you cat
to claw and scratch both people and furniture.

Cats usually return to their normal activity level shortly after the procedure. As with
all other surgeries, cats are given pain medication at the time of surgery and pain
medication is dispensed at discharge time for the owner to administer for a few
days following the procedure.

For some people this is a controversial and “hot” topic for discussion. Some will
never consider this as a viable solution for a cat that is scratching both people and

Others, however, find this procedure to be a lifesaver, making their cat a better pet
that ultimately receives more attention from its human companions. It reduces the
worry aspect especially if there are small children in the household. This procedure
should also be considered if people in the household have diabetes, a suppressed
immune system due to illness or medication, and seniors with thin and fragile skin.