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Amazing Animal Heroes

Animal Hero Stories

We are all familiar with those famous stories of the fireman who saved the cat from the burning house. What is less known are those times that animals have saved the lives of humans. Animals are remarkable. They can be a man’s best friend by providing comfort, company and love, but more importantly, they could use this love and their instinctual behaviors to save our very lives. Such courageous acts happen more often than one might think. Check out some real life heroic stories below:


Schnautzie was just a six month old kitten when she woke her sleeping owner up by sitting on her chest and tapping her nose with her paw. This was Schnautzie’s way of letting her owner know that there was a gas leak in the house. When the owner awoke, she heard a roaring sound coming from the bathroom and found a broken gas pipe in their home that was filling their basement with deadly fumes. If it was not for Schnautzie, the whole house could have been in flames.

Joann Altsman had a heart attack and collapsed to the ground. Her daughter’s pot-bellied pig, Lulu, knew that she was in danger and rushed out of the house to get help. Lulu lied down in the street in order to stop traffic. The passerby’s did not get the hint and Lulu returned to the house several times to check up on Joann. Finally, someone had noticed that something was going on and followed the determined pig into the house. 911 was called and Joann’s life was saved. The doctors had said that if she had arrived to the hospital just 15 minutes later they would not have been able to save her life. Lulu has been a celebrity ever since.

Chihuahuas are known for their yappy behavior, but who would have thought that this behavior could be used to save someone’s life?! In 2008, a 13-pound Chihuahua named Chi Chi was at the beach with his owners when he began to go berserk. He leaped out of his chair, started to drag the beach chair, and began to send out an alarming noise. Chi Chi had spotted a storm surge about 100 yards away and saw two elderly ladies who were in danger of being washed out. Chi Chi’s owners ran to the rescue and pulled the ladies out of the riptide. Chi Chi’s owners were amazed with their little pup.

When a child got away from this mother and fell 20 feet deep into the concrete ape pit at the Brookfield Zoo, Binti Jua, carrying her own baby, gently picked up the unconscious boy, cradled him in her arms and protected him from the other gorillas. When the zookeepers had come to rescue the boy, Binti handed him over safely. Primates, such as Binti, have been known to help hurt and lost animals of other species.



When a surfer decided to spend a nice day out with his friends surfing a monster white shark came out of nowhere and attacked the surfer. The shark, estimated to be 12-15 feet long, had attacked his leg and peeled off the skin on his back. A group of bottle nosed dolphins came to the rescue and formed a protective ring around the surfer. The dolphins helped him get to the shore safely so he could immediately be brought to the hospital.



During the 2004 tsunami in Thailand a 4-year old elephant saved an 8-year old girl Amber. As a big wave hit, the elephant took Amber on its back and ran for higher ground. The elephant protected Amber from the waves and the impact of the high pressure waters. If it was not for the elephant, Amber would not have had a chance for survival.

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Pet Travel Tips

Pet Travel Tips

Planning and preparation are necessary when traveling with family pets. Consider whether your pet is comfortable when traveling. Some animals, like some people, function better in familiar surroundings. A car-sick animal can make a trip miserable for everyone. Some ill or physically impaired dogs and cats cannot withstand the rigors of travel. If this is the case, discuss options such as using a reliable pet-sitter or a clean, well-managed boarding facility provided at Pet Haven.

If your pet is not accustomed to car travel, take it for a few short rides before your trip. Cats should be confined to a cage or crate to allow them to feel secure and to avoid having a pet under your feet while driving.  Stick to your regular feeding routine and give the main meal at the end of the day or when you reach your destination. Feeding dry food will be more convenient, assuming your pet readily consumes it. Dispose of unused canned food unless it can be refrigerated. Take along a plastic jug of cold water in case other reliable water sources are not available. Give small portions of food and water and plan to stop every two hours for exercise. Remember to include a leash with your pet’s traveling supplies.

Pets should not be allowed to ride with their heads outside car windows. Particles of dirt can enter the eyes, ears, and nose, causing injury or infection.

If you must leave your pet in a parked car, be sure to lock all doors, park in a shady area, and open windows wide enough to provide ventilation without enabling your pet to jump out or get its head caught. Be aware of weather conditions. You should not leave your pet in a parked car when the temperature and/or humidity are high or when temperatures are near or below freezing.

Air travel is of most concern to pet owners. You can minimize the chances of an unpleasant experience by following a few guidelines. Federal regulations require that pets be at least 8 weeks old and weaned at least 5 days before flying. Generally, a health certificate (which is not more than 10 days old) must be available before pets will be permitted to fly. A valid rabies vaccination certificate will also be required.  Contact the airline well in advance for specific regulations and to secure your pet’s reservation. Try to book a nonstop, midweek flight and avoid plane changes if possible. During warm weather periods choose early morning or late evening flights. In colder months, choose midday flights.  Arrive at the airport early, exercise your pet, personally place it in its crate, and pick up the animal promptly upon arrival. Do not take leashed animals on escalators.

A few general tips apply whether you travel by car or plane. Be sure your pet is properly identified with a current tag or a microchip. Grooming (bathing, combing, trimming nails) before a trip, plus having its favorite food, toy(s), and dishes available will make your pet more comfortable. Have both proof of rabies vaccination and a current health certificate with you when crossing state or international borders.  Before undertaking any trip, consult your veterinarian to be sure that all required vaccinations are up-to-date and to receive a health certificate within ten days of travel.

At Pet Haven Animal Hospital we are able to help you with any of your travel needs and ready to answer any questions you may have!

Happy Holidays!!!

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Visit from John the Dog at SCAR Howl-o-ween

Dr. Michael Keschner

At Sean Casey Animal Rescue’s annual Howl-O-Ween block party, the sun was shining and the tails were wagging.  The tables were set up and the barbecue was started but the party really got going when the band Atomic Dog began to play.  The block party is the biggest event turnout for Sean Casey Rescue and happens every year around Halloween.  You can find various tables, including, groomers, face painting, arts and crafts, the famous doggie kissing booth, and Pet Haven Animal Hospital.  There were raffles, a bake sale and even costume contests (for pets and humans).  John the dog even stopped by to hang out at the Pet Haven Animal Hospital table.


For those of you who don’t know who John the dog is, he came to Pet Haven Animal Hospital in August of last year after being dumped on the street.  He was so severely emaciated that he couldn’t even wag his tail.  The only way you could tell he was alive, was the fact that he was blinking. We weren’t sure that John would make it, but we were determined to at least try.  On the second day, John received his first bath, to wash off all of the feces he was covered in. The days went on and slowly but surely, John was able to lift his head and wag his tail.  Then he was able to walk with some assistance and even able to bark.  During this time his photos and his miraculous recovery drew fans and support from all over the world.  In the end John made a full recovery and was adopted by an awesome family!

Pet Haven Animal Hospital provides care for many of Sean Casey Animal Rescue’s (SCAR) animals. Sadly many arrive in almost as horrible of a condition as John.  We provide Sean Casey Animal Rescue with needed medical care, including life saving procedures and spaying and neutering for the cats and dogs and even rabbits!  Since SCAR is the only rescue I know of that offers exotic animals for adoption, it isn’t unusual to see all kinds of birds, lizards and other exotics at Pet Haven for a checkup and medical treatment.

It’s awesome to see the animals get better and blossom after receiving the care they need! Uniting pets of all kind with loving and caring families brings Pet Haven’s doctors and staff overwhelming happiness.

John on Day 3

John recovering the strength to stand

Standing up on his own

Love from Chris

Hugs from Sofie

Happy John at his new home


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